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The good soldier Schweik

The Good Soldier Švejk also spelled Schweik, Shveyk or Schwejk is the abbreviated title of an unfinished satirical dark comedy novel by Jaroslav Hašek. The original Czech title of the work is Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka za světové války, literally The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War.
Švejk has become a byword in the Czech Republic. The book is also the most translated novel of Czech literature: it has been translated into over 50 languages.
Hašek originally intended Švejk to cover a total of six volumes, but had completed only three (and started on the fourth) upon his death from heart failure on January 3, 1923.

The volumes are:
1.   Behind the Lines (V zázemí, 1921)
2.   At the Front (Na frontě, 1922)
3.   The Glorious Licking (Slavný výprask, 1922)
4.   The Glorious Licking Continues (Pokračování slavného výprasku, 1923; unfinished)
Following Hašek's death, journalist Karel Vaněk was asked by the publisher Adolf Synek to complete the unfinished novel. Vaněk finished the fourth book in 1923 and in the same year also released the fifth and the sixth volumes, titled Švejk in Captivity (Švejk v zajetí) and Švejk in Revolution(Švejk v revoluci). Novels were published until 1949. In 1991 volumes 5 and 6 were again released as Švejk in Russian Captivity and Revolution(Švejk v Ruském zajetí a v revoluci), in two volumes or combined.
The book was very popular in (ofcourse) the Csech Republic and also in some neighbouring countries. In these countries mniatueres were very popular, so no surprise that you can find miniatures of the good soldier. There is even a whole series of flat miniatures that shows some adventures of the soldier. We also have one in our shop.

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