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Saint Martin as flat miniature
The story about St. Martin or Martinus of Tours is quite well known. He was born in 316 and was son of Roman parents. Already at the age of 15 he becomes a soldier in the Roman army. According to the legend, he found a beggar at the gates of Amiens whom he gave his half cloak (he was only allowed to give half because the other half belonged to the emperor). This beggar appeared to be Christ or symbolized Him. Anyway, Martin converted to Christianity and eventually became Bishop of Tours where he died in 397.
arly in the Middle Ages, the tradition started that children with lanterns walk along the doors of houses singing in the hope of getting goodies. A tradition that still lives on throughout Europe.
Recently some flat figures were released with the theme of this saint. The figures are about the somewhat larger types of (approximately) 70 to 90 mm.
The first figure represents the saint dressed in clothing as was probably worn by Roman officers in the beginning of the 4th century. The publisher, Martin Schurger from Germany, has made a fairly extensive study of military clothing and the rigging of the horse. He has this done by the artist Rainer Tshhope. With the publication of this figure he had a twofold objectivel: to provide figure collectors with a St. Maarten figure and children to learn about the hobby of miniatures. Mr. Schurger is also active for the local Saint Martin association and so two activities came together. The engraver of this figure is Regina Sonntag. In the figure, the rather extensive description of clothing by a Roman rider from the fourth century and the rigging of the horse can be delivered digitally.
The second figure is a more classic image of the Saint with a seperate beggar. The saint is dressed in a 'classic' Roman army outfit as he is often depicted on many paintings throughout the centuries. An image that fits the idea that we have of this saint, but probably corresponds less to the reality of the end of the 4th century.
This figure is drawn, engraved and published by Werner Otto, also from Germany.
A third miniature, also released bij Martin Schuerger depicts the Saint also in a more classical way.

Prices and more information.
The figures of Martin Schuerger costs, excluding shipping, around 6 euros. More information via
The price of Otto's figure is around 15 euros. More info at W. Otto, Kathe-Kollwitz Strasse 52, D-04509 Delitzsch, Germany.

St. Martin of W. Otto

St. Martin of M. Schuerger

St. Martin, second miniature of M. Schuerger

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