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A fictional prehistoric story
If you immediately recognized the poster in the overview, you probably experienced the 60s. At that time, this poster was one of the most popular poster released those years.
We admit, it is on the edge of what you will encounter on this site as background stories about miniatures. If Andrea Miniatures had not released such a nice figure, we would not have posted this article.
This is a miniature of the movie star Raquel Welch. Her pose on the poster lent itself to several figures that we show below.

The English film One Millions years BC appeared in 1966 and was a remake of an older version.  Director was Don Charrey. Next to Raquel Welch was the other main role for John Richardson. Special effects (stop motions) were made by Ray Harryhausen.
The film was largely recorded on the Canary Islands. We can be brief about the story. A pre historic  man is banned of his tribe, comes into contact with another tribe. A member (Lona, played by Raquel Welch) falls in love with him. A rather stupid approach of the story is that dinosaurs, already extinct for 26 million years when people came to the world, are still walking around, together with never-existing other monsters. The special effects are clumsy. Studying texts has not been difficult for the actors, they do not speak a word during the whole movie.

The movie has received a kind of cult status. That will be partly due to the appearance of Raquel Welch and her scarce clothing. That resulted in a number of nice model figures that are still being made to this day. There is even a wargame game with 28mm figures, including Welch.

1:6 miniature, brand unknown


Loanne by Ray Sonelori

Ray Santelori miniature

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