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The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer
The Milkmaid, also called The Kitchen or Milkmaid, is a painting by the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer from circa 1658-1659
The name The Milkmaid is actually incorrect because a milkmaid was a woman who delivered milk to the house; the woman depicted here is a kitchen maid. She can be recognized as such because of her simple clothing and ironed headdress. She stands in the center of the image, in a room with a window on the left through which light enters. In front of her, on the left and under the window, is a table covered with a cloth, on which are a basket of bread, a jug, and other wares. The maid pours milk from a jug into a bowl that is also on the table; her attention is focused on giving.
The room is sparsely furnished, on the right is a foot stove containing a test for coals. The wall behind her suggests a room with a past; there are some holes in it and two nails sticking out. Delft blue tiles are placed on the floor. A bread basket and a milk bucket hang on the wall. Both hang in the partial shade so that there is more attention for the maid and the giving.
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