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Miniatures & History

M & H is a foundation based in the Netherlands. Founded by people interested in miniatures and history. Some more interested in history, some more in miniatures. But the combination of history and miniatures gives the opportunity to show the width of the hobby and to bring history to life in a playful way.

We will really start in 2019. We try to publish our own (digital) magazine. We schedule this magazine 1 or 2 times a year, each with a specific theme.
In addition, current data will be given on this website. About shows, new figures, books etc.

Join and help us
You can help us by emailing photos of your figures. You also help us by providing stories about historical figures, battles, etc. Also stories about the background of figures (the creators, the painters, manufacturers, collectors, brands, etc.) The most important thing is that we can get / find photos of miniatures and are we allowed to use them?
And important to mention: it can be about all kinds of figures: large, small, metal, plastic, paper, model,  toysoldiers etc.

Registry and IBAN
Miniatures and History is registred at the Dutch chamber of commerce with number 71334203 and is and is recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as a non-commercial foundation.
Our banc account IBAN: NL51 SNSB 0706 1970 70

Please note: use of articles from this website is only permitted after written permission from the administrator.

This site is under construction. You can contact us by email:

Our own series of miniatures
In 2019 we will start with the release of a first series of miniatures. This will be 70mm flats with European culture history as the leading objects. We also release some 54mm model-miniatures.  These can be purchased via this website and some international exhibitions where we will be present in the future.
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