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New Flats of Jupiter Miniaturen

Jupiter Miniaturen from Germany released the last months of 2018 a lot of new flats. These flats are as always from Jupiter from a very high quality and very nice to paint.
See for yourself the amount of new miniatures and the owner let us know there is more to come in 2019.
bear ok.jpg
bismarck ok.jpg
cheyenne1 ok.jpg
eagle ok.jpg
grognard1 ok.jpg
hänsel und gretel.jpg
knight 1.jpg
knight 2.jpg
paradox ok.jpg
poilu ok.jpg
rus viking ok.jpg
santa 1.jpg
santa 2.jpg
sappeur ok.jpg
schwaben1 ok.jpg
spanish lady ok.jpg
st george 2.jpg
st george.jpg
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