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The Passion of Joan of Arc

When we spoke to our designer about whether we might also release a miniature of Joan of Arc, we soon concluded that this was not an original idea. The number of miniatures with this saint as subject is almost endless. On this page a small overview.
However, there are almost no miniatures of her sadly end at the stake yet. Logical, a Joan in armour seems at first sight as a miniature much more interesting. Yet it fits within the aims of our foundation to also portray this black page in the history of Europe: the last hours of her short lived life. We have been inspired for this miniature by the world-famous early French film The Passion of Joan of Arc from 1928. This movie focuses on the end of Joan.
Joan 's story will be known. Born in Domremy in 1412, she briefly led the French army during the 100-year war against the English, allowing the French king to be crowned in Reims. Shortly thereafter, after a brief trial, she was captured and burned as a heretic on May 30, 1431. The church admitted later this was a wrong decision and 1920 she was declared a saint.

There is a very interesting website about her.

Many Joan of Arc's in miniature
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