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If you like model castles

Until the beginning of this month an exhibition in Germany was shown about the so-called eight corner donjon in Brittany (France) An exact copy of this donjon could be admired in the form of a large scale model. The donjon is considered one of the highlights in medieval castle construction.
This model  was the work of the International castle Society (ICRS). An organization that recreates castles at scale as realistic as possible. The castles, sieges, medieval life are usually depicted with many, very beautiful miniatures.
The ICRS is a non-profit organisation specialising in the study of castles spanning the period form Carolingian times to the end of the Middle Ages. Using up to date research and technology this society bring to life the civilisation of the age of the castle in the Occident. The society is a cooperation between historians ans artisans. The models, castles and miniatures are on a scale of 1:25. Hometown of the society is Aachen, Germany.
Visit their website to find lots of information about their work.
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