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Flat miniatures
These are the most classic miniatures (Zinnfiguren). They have been made since about 1700.
Flat miniatures are cast in engraved stone plates (slate). Flats are usually 30 to 40 mm tall. Although traditionally they focus on military themes, nowadays it has become more common to see civilian themes being produced. This includes scenes from history, farms, circuses, religion, famous artists and so on. There is an almost endless supply of images and scenes. Although flat, if they are well painted and given the necessary depth these miniatures can be very realistic.

And semi-flats
These figures originated in Germany in the 19th century. They were more robust than the flat figures and therefore more suitable for using as toys although they often had a high concentration of lead. The most famous manufacturer of these figures was Heyde. Usually they were 40 mm tall. The original antique figures are now very popular with collectors. Modern moulds that are sold today are usually for semi-flat miniatures. Using these moulds you can cast 'old' miniatures yourself.

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