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Figurenmagazine 4 2018

This week we received the fourth issue of 2018 from Magazin.
This German-magazine focuses on the collectors of toy figures. All kinds of figures, exhibitions and fairs are described. The emphasis is on antique toy figures from Germany. Think especially of Elastolin, Lineol etc.
In this last issue of 2018 attention and a lot of pictures about the Figurenmesse in Friedberg. This exhibition was organized by Figuren Magazine itself, but since last year the organization has now been transferred to a specialized agency. The location has therefore also changed slightly. In the past, this fair was held in Bad Nauheim, close to the current location. As we look at the amount of traders and visitors the fair seem not to have suffered because of the change.
Furthermore, an article about the miniatures of Otto Schader, a miniature maker from the beginning of the last century. Also a nice article about military leaders from the American brand Marx and a photos of a very large new 1/35 diorama in the Peter Kaus museum. The photos make very curious to to visit and look for yourself.  And anyone who thinks he knows 'everything' about Elastolin figures may be able to expand his knowledge. An article is about the unknown advertising figures of Elastolin flight attendants from Air France in 54mm.

More info can of course be found on the website of Figures Magazin.
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