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New book: the Antonini Dynasty in Rome
A story of the Italian toy soldiers since 1911 to nowadays

This recently released new book tells the fascinating story of the Italian manufacturer of toy soldiers, made by the Antonini family. Toy soldiers that are made both in lead and composition. And, very interesting, the firm established in 1911, is still active in the third generation: the ANTONINI family of Rome.
The book describes in detail the pieces of the initial production to the present day, it is composed of:
- more than 200 pages printed in colour;
- more than 250 finely reproduced subjects;
- 5 chapters devoted to Antonini's Italian production of composition soldiers and lead soldiers and their competitors;
- a richly illustrated final annex and a publisher-managed website with catalogues, examples, collection images, etc.

Direct visit to the website
The readers of this book can enter the publisher’s website using the QrCode in the book,
in order to look at a general inventory of Antonini production. In it can be found catalogues and sale samples of the company, besides many pictures of toy soldiers and models from private collections and from the warehouse of “La Bottega del Soldatino”.

The book is in English and Italian and has a large size of 22,5 x 26 cm and consitst of over 200 pages with lots of colour pictures.
It is very interesting for those collectors who are interested in the history and development of a world wide hobby.
See the pictures below for more information and how to order this special book.
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