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A Topless duel
A set of figures in our store shows two topless fencing ladies. This is not a fantasy set, it is based on a historical event in 1892.
This is the duel between two ladies of high nobility who were fighting over a flower exhibition in Vienna.
Princess Pauline von Metternich and Countess Anastasia Kielmannsegg thought it appropriate to fight the dispute with the sword. The reason was the flower exhibition but the cause was deeper. The young princess fought for a place in the highest circles of Vienna and was hampered by the older generation of the Countess. Duelling was strictly forbidden in Austria and eventually they had travel to Liechtenstein to be able to conduct their duel.
They choose the rapier, the oldest European duellist weapon. The blouses had to be taken off by order of a baroness who was also present and had studied medicines. This  to prevent possible infections in the event of a hit. As a result, all men had to leave. The entire duel was therefore exclusively supervised by women.
There would be no fighting to the death. A minor injury was sufficient. After two rounds, the fight was still undecided. Blood finally flowed in the third round. Grafin Ansatasia slightly touched the nose of the Princess. Princess Pauline managed to seriously injure the Countess in her arm. The princess was proclaimed the winner. Then both ladies fell into each other's arms and the dispute was over.
As far as to verify this was the only topless ladies duel. Given the number of drawings and paintings that appeared, it made quite an impression. Whether that was because of the level of the fight or the scarcity of clothing is left to the reader. In miniature, it can now also be depicted with our figures.
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