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Miniatures of all shapes and sizes have been around for generations as toys, collector’s items, and as art. This website contains examples of them all. It also shows that miniatures don’t just belong to the past, by sharing a wealth of information about the contemporary world of miniatures.


We also focus on the historical aspect. Especially the famous, and not so famous, men and women of the past: adventurers, scholars and artists. Who were they? What did they get up to? Which works of art bear their names? Although in life they may have vastly differed from each other, they all have one thing in common: they live on in (tin) miniature form.

Have you got your own miniature pictures? If you tell us about them we will see if we can unravel their hidden past.

We are working on this website and are planning to have it 'ready' by the end of 2018. Those who want to cooperate with their stories and pictures are welcome.
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