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Miniatures, in all shapes and sizes, have been around for generations. As a toy, collector's item, art. You can find them on this website. We also show that miniatures are not just something of the past.
So, you will also find a lot of information on this website about the contemporary world of miniatures.


The history is also discussed. The famous and not so famous men and women from the past. Adventures, scholars, artists. Their life, stories, artworks and so on. However, they all have one thing in common: they still exist as a (tin) miniature. Even if they didn't exist in the real world.

Do you have beautiful pictures of miniatures? Let us know and we will see if we can tell the story behind it!

For our future own line of miniatures we focus on european culture and history

We are working on this website and are planning to have it 'ready' by the end of 2018. Those who want to cooperate with their stories and pictures are welcome.
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